At In Bloom, we strive for a more sustainable and environmentally respectful future. We understand that trying to reduce your environmental footprint can be overwhelming, especially when you compare your efforts to others.

However, the key to living sustainably is to break down the concept of "sustainability" into small steps that you can incorporate into your daily life. We have compiled a list of actions you can integrate into your life:

Actions to Start a More Sustainable Life

1. Turn off the water while washing your face.

2. Try washing your clothes by hand and air-dry them. You'll also help extend the life of your garments.

3. Donate your used clothing instead of discarding it. If it's not in good condition, consider giving it a second life.

4. Use reusable cotton cloths for makeup removal instead of disposable towels.

5. Avoid buying bottled water and opt for sustainable drinking by getting a reusable bottle.

6. Carry a set of reusable or bamboo cutlery to avoid using disposable plastic utensils.

7. When making a purchase, ask suppliers and businesses to send you a copy of the receipt via email or text message.

8. Buy fruits and vegetables in bulk at supermarkets and markets, avoiding unnecessary plastic packaging.

9. Learn how to compost, which will help reduce waste from fruit and vegetable scraps.

10. Open the blinds and make the most of natural light before turning on lamps and light fixtures. Recharge with sunlight!

11. Get yourself a metal straw!

12. Bring your own cloth or reusable bag to the supermarket or market, save money, and avoid accumulating a large amount of plastic.

13. Prioritize walking or cycling to nearby places. It's a great way to clear your mind!

14. Support local product purchases. Local farmers are more likely to use fewer pesticides and chemicals, making your products healthier for you and our planet.

15. Invest in high-quality items for more conscious shopping and longer-lasting garments.

Finally, research brands that have a mission and certifications related to sustainability. At In Bloom, we're committed to this cause, and we're proud to have held the WRAP Gold certification since 2016. As part of our commitment, we primarily work with natural or semi-natural fibers known for their durability and ease of recycling and reuse. Our Core collection are made from Lenzing™ Modal, a fiber derived from wood pulp from FSC-certified forests.

We invite you to start with these actions to reduce your environmental footprint.