Make It Personal

Whether it’s a gift for yourself or to celebrate someone special, personalize your favorite pajamas by requesting the monogramming of your initials ( will be the best gift).

Iconic Pajamas

Utterly unique and perfect to make a timeless classic your own. Request the monogram with your initials and we will take care of it. The monogram is placed on top of the left pocket. Just click here for a little preview.

Special Details

What´s better than personalized pajamas? All customizations will arrive in a special bag designed to be part of your daily life. Choose your favorite pajamas from our Core Collection and add your initials.


Add your personal touch to make it memorable. Nothing says you've been planning their gift for months like PJs with their initial on them. Need some help? We are here to give you a hand.

Personalize your favorites pajamas and enjoy the finishing touch of our handmade monogram.