Garment Care Guide

To preserve and extend the life cycle of each pieace, it is important treat them with delicacy and care. Learn our recommedations to keep the softeness and quality wash after wash.


Keep the softness by hand washing your garments with cold or warm water. If you use a washing machine, we recommend setting it on delicate cycle. Also, is it better to use liquid detergent as it is more gentle for both the skin and garment.

Make sure you use special washing bags for delicate pieces, and always with similar colors.


Exposing your garments to high temperatures can affect the quality. Preferably, keep them at low temperatures and avoid direct sun exposure.

We recommend laying them flat to drying. If you use a tumble dryer, select the delicate mode.


To maintain the shape and quality of your garments, it is preferable to store them folded. This way, you prevent stretching or hanging marks.

Try to avoid pointed surfaces that could cause some damage to the fabric structure.

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