Despite its longstanding popularity, the older you get (and the farther you age away from the innocent days of handmade card swapping in your elementary school homeroom), the more undeniably controversial Valentine’s Day becomes. For some, it’s the perfect excuse to get cozier with friends and/or lovers, while for others the pressure and expectations can be triggering. Without taking sides on the matter, but recognizing the need for options, we have put together a list of easy and low-key ways to celebrate love of all kinds, prioritizing two of our favorite things: comfort and indulgence.



Energy re-set:

There is no shortage of wellness rituals floating out in the cyber ether, and for good reason. These last couple of years have been particularly trying for all, and self-indulgence is more important now than ever before. Let this Valentine’s Day be the extra incentive you need to delve into rest and reset your energy with a floral bath infused with crystals and stress-relieving Epsom salts. Leave the heaviness of the holidays behind. Go all out and light some naturally scented candles for a truly renovating experience.

Pajama day:

What is it about becoming adults and subsequently feeling the need to “be productive” (or shower) every single day? In the spirit of self-care, we urge you to reclaim your right to lounge all night, day, and night again in deliciously cozy, pima cotton pajamas (bathing optional). Spend ludicrous amounts of time in bed reading, eating, watching all the shows. Make a puzzle, scroll the internet, call your friends, do whatever moves you…just make sure its maximum comfort and minimum guilt


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At home spa:

There is something truly magical about having a friend or two over, getting into some comfy clothes (like this great robe and pajama set!), putting on good music, steeping some fresh herbal tea, and settling in for a full on spa sesh. Exfoliate, mask up, hydrate the skin, diffuse some essential oils, gossip, laugh, cry….do all the things! Cleanse and replenish on the outside while you do the same from the inside, and everyone can go home feeling renewed!


 Robe Pajama At home spa valentine´s day

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Potluck in the park:

Hosting is an ordeal. Some people are made for it, others not so much. Luckily, some wise individual invented the potluck many years ago, and all our lives are the better for it. This valentine’s day, bring your friends together in celebration of shared love and good food, with minimal clean up! Everyone brings something to share (a quiche! Hummus and veggies! Brownies! Mimosas! Compostable paper plates, cups, and cutlery!) and spends the day enjoying each other.



Disconnect to reconnect:

It’s no secret that we live in a cyber world. Our devices have become social crutches, and honestly, we’re not complaining. There’s a lot of good content out there! Nonetheless, this 14th of February, we challenge you to put those phones down and be present! After all, what greater gift can you give your partner, than the gift of your undivided attention?

Make a point to spend the day without your phone (or at least as far from it as possible), and urge your loved one to do the same.  Take a walk together, go out for a meal, do all the things you would normally do without the impulse to scroll/chat/call/post.


relax spa


Breakfast in bed:

Breakfast in bed is globally considered one of the best ways to spoil a loved one, and we aren’t here to argue. It is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful things to wake up to. So, this Valentine’s Day, sneak out of bed and go all out for the one you love! Better yet, make enough for the two of you so that you can crawl back into bed with them and spend a leisurely morning breakfasting together in your pajamas (extra points for a matching set!).


Whatever you end up doing, and whoever you choose to spend the day with, we wish you a relaxing Valentine’s Day, full of love. Better yet, we encourage you to keep the love and self-care celebrations going throughout the year, because why not? You deserve it! Discover our Valentine’s Day Edit