Angela Kusen, art director and stylist, opened the doors of her department in Lima - We sat down to chat about how she likes to start her days; from her morning skincare routine and ideal breakfast, to where she finds inspiration.

“I find inspiration in everything! In art, in my life experiences, in my travels, in books, in culture, in movies…”

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Tell us a bit about how you define yourself.

I am a creative and styling director, and I have an online concept store called K.A which I curate. I oversee creating and maintaining visual harmony in fashion campaigns, photo and film shoots, and editorials.

What time are you generally waking up these days?

I generally wake up between 6 A.M. and 7 A.M. when I have a shoot, or between 8 A.M. and 9 A.M. If I don’t have any photos that day.

What is the first thing you do to start the day?

The first thing I do each morning is wash my face and then have some coffee. 

Do you have a special morning skincare routine?

I wash my face with a basic Chanel soap, and then I apply a serum by Yanbal, which I really like, followed by sunscreen from La Roche Posay. And that is it. I honestly don’t wear much makeup or anything, in that way I am very low maintenance. 

What does your average breakfast look like?

My average breakfast is usually coffee and a piece of toast with tomato and olive oil, or a coffee and a sandwich.


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What would you do on an ideal morning off?

An ideal morning for me would be to wake up and then go eat a nice breakfast somewhere. I live in Barranco with my boyfriend, so we usually like to go eat breakfast at Colonia or DEMO - something tasty, the two of us with our dog. We almost always go out somewhere in the neighborhood for breakfast on Saturdays. Then, after eating I would take some time to read, or maybe go for a surf. 

What is a habit that you are always meaning to incorporate to your morning routine?

I would really like to take some time to meditate every morning. I try, but I don’t always do it, to be honest. Nevertheless, occasionally, when I feel like I really need it, I meditate, even for just three or five minutes.


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A creative moment.

It depends. Usually when I am doing research and reading, or investigating things online for a project, those are the moments when I feel most creative. And it is usually either in the early morning or late at night. 

Something that brings you inspiration.

I find inspiration in everything! In art, in my life experiences, in my travels, in books, in culture, in movies…. 

What are you reading to lately? And when do you generally give yourself that time?

I just finished the book Los Pixeles de Cezanne, by Win Wenders – a German author – which I loved. Wenders analyzes the works of different artists – designers, painters, etc. He reviews their work through his lens, and it is an interesting creative exchange. And I tend to generally read at night before bed, at least a few minutes. 

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