Anais Lalombriz is a designer and author who lives her creativity is a multitude of forms. This week, she tells In Bloom about how she works, eats, sleeps, and plays…

"I focus on trying to identify the things that make me feel good, and those that don’t. That way, I can prioritize that which energizes rather than drains me." 

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Describe how you spend your time (what you do):

I work as a senior product manager in a startup called iVisa, where I am in charge of managing the design and development teams and, in some cases, the operations and marketing for improvements of the digital platform. I also have a regular creative practice that transforms between working on a book, decorating my living space, helping a friend out with a business project they might have, etc. I have done a variety of consulting jobs for people, from helping create a school for vocational orientation, to improving a bakery business. I am also fortunate enough to have a very active social life with a lovely group of friends here in Lima, and I spend a lot of time with my family.

Tell us about La Practicante. Is it your first book?

Yes, it is my first book. It is not, however, my first literary project. I studied design and literature, and have collaborated in many magazines – granted these projects were different, smaller formats. But, yes, La Practicante is my first book; it is actually a collection of stories. But it’s my first printed book with proper covers, that can be found in bookstores. It narrates ten anecdotes about the work life of a young woman who is just beginning to discover herself. Various things are based on my experiences, but there are also invented aspects of the stories, and parts that are based on experiences friends have had and shared with me. It is an easy book to read, light and entertaining, and it explores the possibility of self-discovery as a byproduct of living life, rather than a searched-out epiphany one reaches in a yoga retreat or something like that.

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What is your writing process? Is there a ritual around it, or does it just kind of happen?

I am a very disciplined person. When I decide to start a project, I have an editor and we get together once a week. I am very organized about it. BUT, until I reach that moment when I decide to really embark on a project, there is some dead time. At the moment I am working on a tech project with some friends, so I haven’t been writing much. I have things planned out, I just haven’t sat down to write. I think it depends a lot on the mood I am in, and on my work load. When I am too stressed out, I cannot write to my fullest potential. And it depends on my social life as well. This year there have been a lot of fun things going on, and I’ve been participating in them (laughs), so I haven’t been writings as much as I should. But the process of La Practicante was disciplined. I even went to Cusco for a month to focus on writing, so it was very focused and quick. I ended up finishing the book in one year, which is not long.


What is your ideal bedtime ritual?

I am very picky with my bed time process, mostly in relation to light and sounds. I close all the windows in my apartment, I close all the doors, I lower all the blinds – which are all blackout. I am very conscience of the fact that I cannot have external stimuli. I have recently purchased a lavender spray after reading somewhere that it would be helpful for sleeping. I don’t know how much it actually works, but I still use it. 

What is something you cannot sleep without?

A good pillow and a quality mattress. But what really affects my sleep is noise, and now that I am living in Barranco I have bought myself some earplugs, which have quickly become the best investment I have ever made.

Tell us about some of your favorite self-care rituals?

My main act of self-care as of late has been to stop consuming lactose products and lower my gluten consumption. Those choices have really helped my mood, my skin, and my weight. I have a number of autoimmune disorders, so changing my diet and listening to my body has been imperative.  I also go to therapy once a week and I exercise 3-4 times per week in ways that I enjoy, like Siclo, or jogging with friends. I keep work within work hours, and always maintain close contact with my friends and family. I focus on trying to identify the things that make me feel good, and those that don’t. That way, I can prioritize that which energizes rather than drains me. 

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Do you have any tips to wind down at the end of a long day?

I usually wind down with friends; I call someone or having a friend over for an entertaining conversation. I love when friends come to visit me and I can feed them something and chat for a while. That helps me break up my day between the stressful work hours and my bed time. I do it almost every day. My friends know that my door is always open and they can swing my any time after 6pm; its really nice. Otherwise I’ll go out for a stroll.

What are you listening to lately?

I have been really into Rosalia and C Tangana for a while. I know they aren't “new”, but I love them. Some Nathy Peluso too. And I listen to a lot of podcasts. I use the Curio App to listen to narrated articles about global happenings – especially those about technology because I have to be up to date with those things for work.